Relax REBD-593 Himari 2 - The South Wind, A Barefoot Angel - Himari Asada Throat

Relax REBD-593 Himari 2 - The South Wind, A Barefoot Angel - Himari Asada Throat play

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JAV HD: REBD-593 Himari2 South Wind, Barefoot Angel Himari Asada REBD593REBD-593 Himari2 南風、裸足の天使・朝田ひまり単体作品, 巨乳, ミニ系, イメージビデオ, AV女優Asada Himari 朝田ひまり, "KNOCK KNOCK!" was the sound on the door in the morning forcing Jerry to wake up and answer it, the door opened to show Bob standing there holding a clipboard, "Morning boss, I made up the orders for the wives and daughters of those EX-workers last night the collection team just got back, 14 girls are in the holding pen now 5 wives ages 29 - 36 and 9 daughters ages 18 - 20, they are all striped, registered, cleaned, hairless, tagged and ready for processing" Bob said and handed the clip board to Jerry who just now realized he is standing in the doorway in front of Bob naked uniform Gene left the room quietly, seconds later Jerry noticed the empty examination table where Jessica was strapped to 5 minutes ago, "THAT LITTLE SHIT!!" Jerry yelled and got out the tracking computer again, "Security Alert, Gen and one unidentified female in guard uniform trying to leave the plant at the main entrance" came over the loud speaker as guards assembled to the main gate, "NO, NO," Jerry yelled to the guards, "Its a trick, the tracking device says Jessica is in the stairwell to the roof" He added, pressing a button on a remote control, the sounds of locking doors echoed in the hall's. Entering the medical wing a doctor meet's Jerry and Sara at the door, "She isn't doing to well sir" said Dan, Bob entering the room right after Jerry and Sara, "Bob take Sara to see Jessica, make sure nothing happens to either of them!" Jerry said as Bob and Sara headed toward the back medical cell's, "The girl lost a lot of blood, her left arm and leg are broken, she has had to be placed into a partial body cast" Dan said, "Dan you are the best doctor I know, do your best!" Jerry said as Sara's screams can be heard from the back rooms, "THAT"S NOT MY SISTER!!" Jerry and Dan running to see what’s wrong, "THATS NOT MY SISTER I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY!!" Sara yelled again, "WHERE THE HELL IS JESSICA!?" Sara yelled again, "WHAT!!" Jerry yelled as he entered the room, "Boss, Jessica is gone, Sara says that’s not her sister in the bed" Bob said as Jerry ran over to inspect the injured girl in the bed, looking to the nurse "WHERE THE HELL IS JESSICA? COW #666, SHE WAS SENT DOWN HERE LAST NIGHT!!" He yelled

Himari 2 - The South Wind, A Barefoot Angel - Himari Asada - 1

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Himari 2 - The South Wind, A Barefoot Angel - Himari Asada

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