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“Strip down to nothing and go lay on the bed, face down,” she said rather sternly. She ask me if I wanted to taste her? Suddenly, I realized I did

. I think that is what happened to Tammy.
. She re-applied her make up and spent the rest of the journey looking outside as Faisal fell asleep. ” said Shazia “But what babe, this ain’t no bollywood movie!” shouted Lia as the other girls laughed “I know, but I just cant!” she said “Yes you can, cos Mustafa don’t keep girls here for more than a month, so try!” warned Lia “Well where do they go?” asked Shazia “They go to work as street whores!” said another girl listening “Yep, now get on with it!” said Lia as she left Shazia ran back to her booth, this time making more of an effort, she sat on his knee and nibbled on his neck, his hands going up her dress grabbing her thong, ripping it off and throwing it on the floor, it was soon picked up by a waiter and binned .

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