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My cousin Johnny is 21 years old, real cocky but cute, and talks with a sexy slang. He then had me turn around all the way, my back to him while he got Vaseline from the medicine cabinet, and lubed my virgin ass hole with it Uncensored YouFuckTube. “Oh, shit, it’s getting humongous, maybe it needs a towel too”, I said, and laughed. Young (18-25). Seeing the look on my face bitches expression changed to one of fear. After a moment she subsides enough for me to say "you didnt say "I'm your bitch" and that earned you an extra 5 minutes of punishment Lisa Ann I slapped her ass until my hands were sore.
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He tells me to open my mouth and brings his torso to my face once again tightening his grip, i almost faint when i feel the cum hit my mouth. The more questions he asked about personal things the wetter I got

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. He went higher his fingers creeping up my thighs as I lay there restrained and defenseless, slightly caressing my butt cheeks as he bound my legs fully together
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